Private Rental Club


We started renting out private apartments as a side business among friends. We discovered that the offering was well received. Over the last 24 months, we developed the concept to a private club for like-minded individuals. Our idea of relaxed travel and living is different from hotels or other furnished apartments.

For Travellers
The properties: due to the personal link to each of the owners, living during your travel becomes a personal feeling rarely observed in standard rooms on the market.
Flexibility: In contrast to common furnished apartments we offer a higher degree of flexibility. This means predominantly rental durations from 1 day to 1 year.
Service: We are not a hotel and we don’t want to. Through our home owners we offer customised apartments arrangements and travel advice up to bookings at exclusive opera shows or restaurants

For Home Owners
We help you to maximise the value of your property or rented apartment. Statistically, urban apartments are empty for 63% during a year. We believe that this is not only a pity but equally economically inefficient. We help optimise your IRR of your investment and, simply, enhance socialising.